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Agriculture and Health

Poor food quality risks health, restricts trade, and reduces labor productivity of millions in Africa. We improve diets, health, and productivity through research on micronutrient content, food toxins, and nutrient patterns.


Africa’s biodiversity is rich but very vulnerable. Our genebank conserves this diversity for sustainable use now and in the future. We use biotechnology and new diagnostic tools for the efficient, long-term conservation and use of genetic resources of staple and under-utilized crops and non-plant organisms.

Banana and Plantain Systems

Banana and plantain are basic food- crops for over 70 million people in Africa, but yields have been declining. We use greater knowledge on the crops’ agro-ecology to develop new varieties and better production practices. Our solutions improve production and productivity and increase profit from better quality and variety of banana-based food products.

Cereals and Legumes Systems

Cereals and legumes such as maize and cowpea are important foodcrops for most households in Africa, but production is very unstable. We develop and disseminate improved varieties, natural resource management approaches, and new production technologies to enhance and sustain productivity.

Horticulture and Tree Systems

Vegetables and tree crops such as cocoa support the income of Africa’s rural poor. We develop and promote responsible production and post-harvest technologies, and influence enabling policy and marketing environments that sustain productivity and increase income.

Opportunities and Threats

Food security and livelihoods in Africa face many risks. We examine and analyze the environmental, social and economic dynamics that impact food security and livelihoods. Our work serves as early warning system, strategic guide and assessor of all our research for development activities.

Roots and Tubers Systems

Roots and tubers such as cassava and yam are Africa’s main staple-food, but they face many threats. We reduce pre- and postharvest losses, increase productivity, and improve processing technologies, marketing and profitability.

Systemwide Program on Integrated Pest Management

Pests cause high crop losses and reduce quality of agricultural produce. We coordinate and participate in the CGIAR Systemwide Program on Integrated Pest Management (SP-IPM), which develops knowledge and technologies that responsibly tackle crop pests.