There are different types of mattresses which range in prices depending on a tremendous amount of factors. The most popular discount and bulk warehouse store in the US, Costco is also one of the most popular places to get a new mattress. My wife is a stomach sleeper and i am a back and side sleeper. At first I focused on the mid range priced mattress, like Sealy or Serta, but they did not work. However, let's give it a go and try to break it down. Beautiful comfortable mattress. Noone attemped to call or knock even though I was home waiting for the delivery all day. This bed is supposedly a medium firmness, but it feels very firm. I slept on this bed for 2 months and then returned it. It's like putting a memory foam topper on your driveway and sleeping on that. I live in a second floor apartment and my sister and I struggled to get it up the stairs. It's firm, but not too firm. We are in our 60's and have been sleeping on a memory foam mattress with pillow top, but it very old and there is no support any longer so we needed a new mattress. Couldn't be happier firm yet cushy from the memory foam. Bought this West Salem mattress and it literally started sagging within 4 months. I bought this West Salem mattress in the end of January and I started using from March 2nd as was in vacation in between, while purchasing I thought it would be good for back support but it is not, this feels like normal spring matress selling with brand label SEALY, Not at all happy with performance. The pros: Low-priced all-foam options that most people find initially comfortable. The cons: There are some issues with durability with these mattresses. The great reviews attracted me to the bed though I understand that everyone has a personal preference when it comes to mattress softness/firmness. Mattress shopping may seem like an easy task but it isn’t, in fact, it’s one of the most daunting tasks. I bought this mattress because it was top rated by consumer reports for back and side sleeping. The mattress is not firm as advertised. I sleep around 50%+ of the time on my side and coupling with a correct pillow(s) is very important so I recommend investing in both a good mattress and some nice pillows to get the best sleep outcome. Tempur-Pedic is one of the most common household names when it comes to memory foam mattresses. Although most customers find their mattresses to be initially comfortable, there are some complaints about off-gassing smell and sleeping hot. Very comfortable. Arranging the delivery could have been smoother but other than that the ordering and actual delivery went well. Although the selection is not as wide at the Costco warehouse stores as in other locations, Tempur-Pedic is synonymous with high end foams for a high end price. Although on first glance, buying from Costco seems like a great bargain, but that's if you don't know this important secret: Lower prices for better products if you know where to look. Everything this mattress advertises other than firmness is accurate, so hopefully this helps you decide. I do not sleep on a $100,000 bed. Although some folks are heartset on owning a Tempur-Pedic, there are plenty of less costly options that you can buy direct: such as our top memory foam mattresses. The amount of choices can be overwhelming, and we’re here to help. This site is one of the most reliable ones out there and shares everything from upcoming promotions and valid coupons, to product reviews and more. He has not been able to sleep on it since, and I have been using it for 5 nights now, each night being worse and waking in more back pain. Log in or sign up to leave a comment Log In Sign Up. However, I've since learned that the new mattresses are not being made with handles due to the size and weight. The pros: Mid-priced options in a variety of firmness options. The cons: There are some durability concerns versus other mattresses in the same price point. Great firm support for a heavy man. Once we took the wrapping off the bed quickly puffed up to it's normal size. This supposed "medium" mattress is hard as a rock. looks good up today hope it will not sag in the near future, Exceptional quality and high level of customer experience. In any case, it means you should triple-check your choice before buying. hide. The sealy west salem mattress is one of the best mattresses that I've ever owned. Those that are sold at Costco are the Beautyrest Silver, Beautyrest Hybrid, and Beautyrest Platinum versions. I GOT ATTITUDE FROM THE SUPERVISOR AT COSTCO CUSTOMER SERVICE. I would describe it more as "supportive." We've kept it a month and are currently returning it for the plush because it's just way too hard! The pros: Well-known brand with competitive foam mattress in a box options. Seamlessly. This is by far the number one mattress I've ever slept on. While we had misplaced the original receipt, COSTCO quickly retrieved this when asked. Additionally, while Costco's prices are competitive, some shoppers may find a better deal by buying directly through Cocoon's website. This Sealy West Salem is the perfect mix of firm and light cushion. I was (before the pregnancy) 5"4 and 130-ish lbs. As a result, Stearns & Foster mattresses do a great job isolating motion for couples sharing a bed and the reinforced edges also allow them to use the entire mattress surface as they sleep. I Love it! Weird thing is, I had no problem falling asleep or sleeping, just I always ended up on my back rather than my side where I started and most days had an achy back. To my surprise the order was delivered in a timely manner and the matress was very comfortable. It's so comfortable, I've been sleeping like a baby since it arrived. We read about this top rated mattress on Consumer Reports online and it has surpassed our expectations tenfold. I was wondering if anyone knew if/when Costco’s mattresses go on sale? I can also sit on the edge of the bed and not slide off because it doesn't compress too much. That new top really works, I’d say. It did not smell at all the first day and inflated well over the day, so we slept on it the first night. I normally like a firm mattress, not extra firm, but medium firm and this didn't quite do it for me. Very solid, comfortable mattress. I've waited two months to write up a review to make sure it was as good as others said. It was supposed to have great edge support due to being a hybrid. I even confirmed this with a call to Costco online representative before purchasing. I really wanted to like this product. Some said it was more firm, however, I find it is not too firm. Here is a breakdown of their Harmony Mattress Topper: The Harmony mattress topper is a popular option at Costco. I was told do NOT call us back every two hours like some people do. While the price point is enviable versus buying direct, there are some differences in customer experience with some describing smell and firmness problems. I am no exception. As the summer nights got warmer the resonating heat has become unbearable. I'm a researcher and looked for a couple months before deciding on this mattress, based both on reviews on here as well as it being a Consumer Reports best buy. Me likey. Even though things like toilet paper, paper towels, and bulk food products are better to buy in store, when it comes to mattresses, there is a little known truth: Buying comparable products on sale in other retailers may actually be cheaper. Hopefully the delivery company adjusts their policy to carry this upstairs. No e-mail or chat support avaialable. Toggle navigation × Mattresses. After reading Consumer Reports reviews on this mattress and with the great return policy that Costco offers, we decided to take a chance and I am so glad that we did. Bought this one online and tried it the first night. Now, I leave the house late almost every morning because I don't want to get out of bed. I did not know that my 2year old mattress was causing so much of my daily back pain and inability to sleep. It does not even have the feel of a foam/gel mattress. With a wider array of firmness options than other options at Costco, many customers gravitate to them if they want softer or firmer designs. Blackstone is another brand of mattress that is really just popular at Costco and doesn't appear available in other mattress retailers. Perfect firmness, and on time delivery. The cons: There are some durability concerns versus other mattresses in the same price point. The softsided water bed mattress are much easier to clean than the standard waterbed mattress and they likewise come with a tub system on the side of the mattress. It has helped my aching 60 year old back. What we were quite angry about was shortly after,within 24 hrs of getting our mattress delivered, you were offering the SAME mattress for $100.00 less. However, the prices range between $500 and $2000. When Does the Sale Begin Online at And every single mattress measures at least a thick 13.5 inches. When I contacted Costco to pick up the mattress they sent the pick up order to DM Transportation who says they do NOT service the town my dad lives in, even though it was delivered there. It did seem a bit firm for the first month or so but over time both my wife and I have noticed a very nice adjustment to a medium feel. We are moving this mattress to the guest bedroom and getting a medium soft mattress. It is firm and sturdy. Costco stocks some lower priced and in some cases, older models that may or may not be as rigorously certified. It is firmer than the air-style high priced mattresses at firmness #10. It doesn’t feel as firm as you might think. I was looking for a new king size bed and started with Costco. Thanks. Sort by. They share special savings throughout the week, too. I sleep on an $800 foam mattress and I'm very happy. In fact I wake up due to the discomfort and notice tingling in my arms or fingers when side sleeping. The cons : The newer products are only available direct through the brand currently. We will never go back to a coil spring mattress and look forward to going to bed every night now. This bed beats them all hands down. I waited over a year to write this review, as it took quite awhile for me to adjust to this mattress. They make a variety of all-foam mattresses and most customers regard them as having good initial comfort. Mattress & furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task. The Stearns & Foster approach to mattresses also offers a wide selection of firmness levels. According to the Novaform website, however, their Original Firm mattress is 12 inches (1-1-10 inches foam style). Woke up rested, relaxed, younger. The pros: Many different comfort options for a competitive price point. In terms of their directly sold offerings, they have begun only selling certified GREENGUARD Gold mattresses, which is one of the most rigorous emissions and low-VOC standards and a great innovation for their products. We are very happy with it. We slept on it the first night, had no trouble rolling over, or keeping our bodies comfortably cool. Was unable to get through to customer service. I am definitely happy with the mattress. The pros: Well-rated brand with better rated pocketed coil options. Not too soft and not too firm. For six weeks, I did not sleep. The posturepedic provides exception comfort for a great nights sleep, we will never go back to another mattress. This mattress replaced a sleep number bed. While most customers find them initially comfortable, there are some complaints about durability reported. Where Are Furniture Sale Items in the Store? The only problem is that when I travel, no mattress is as firm or comfortable to me as the Novaform. For sensitive people, we have a great selection of latex mattresses . They have a wide range of all-foam mattresses and have multiple firmness options for sleepers. A quality spring mattress, for example, would cost around $900 on average. Comfortable, proper firmness, and very well made.They were manufactured to order and relatively local to us was a big plus. It's high quality, more on the firm side, but my husband and I like a more firm mattress. Unfortunately we decided to return it. 2 comments. The cons are that the selection is not as wide and there are no Twin or Full versions at Costco. This was also one of the reasons I purchased this particular one because other reviews had said it seems more firm than what a medium should be. Both states to me we can’t get a hold of the delivery driver and we will have someone from their hub call you. This is our first foam, so I really didn't know what to expect. THis was a beautiful mattress; however, it was too hard for my husband and me. I’M APPALLED! I returned it because most days I woke up with a back ache, it was too firm for me. Costco is one of the most popular retailers because they promise lower prices for members on common goods. I’m still thinking of adding a thin foam topper if I can’t get used to the firmness, but for now I’ll wait and see. Costco price matching. We've had our Serafina Pearl now for about 3 months, having replaced a 10 year old pocketed coil mattress. The only problems I've had are slight smell for 3-4 days and it was firmer than I was used to. Still, the Cocoon by Sealy mattress models sold at Costco include an older hybrid memory foam model and an all-foam mattress with just one firmness option. Highly recommend. Simmons Beautyrest mattresses are some of the most well known mattresses on the market. Those that found it lacking mentioned expecting more pressure relief. When you spouse move you don't feel any movement like with a spring mattress. Solved all my back issues. The part that got me was the price: $599 for a queen which is $400 cheaper than the website. This Costco Novaform mattress is 14 inches (3-3-8 inches foam style). Molecule is an athletes focused mattress that has made a name for itself with celebrity athlete endorsements. Just describing how it feels. Costco in warehouse has their furniture “season” starting December 26th and July 5th. I was also worried about the top layer of foam indenting, that has not been a problem. The pros: Competitively priced mattresses with interesting features not found elsewhere at Costco. Mattress is great -very disappointed in delivery company they would not help bring the mattress in the house. This has been the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on! ... No mattresses actually go back to the company; instead, you’re asked to donate it … That’s the most likely time to see a discount but it could happen anytime. My Fiancé has to call her 75 your old mother to help her pull in the huge heavy mattress and box spring in the house. We needed two mattresses, so I bought one to see if we would like it. For years we wanted a Tempurpedic so when offered them a couple of months ago, we took the plunge. As soon as we opened the box and cut the straps it unfolded into a king sized mattress right before our eyes. The VENDOR handles the return pickup. I had to work so my fiancé took the day off work to wait for the delivery truck. That’s the most likely time to see a discount but it could happen anytime. I sleep like a rotisserie turning all night long and this mattress provided good support and kept my back aligned in all positions. That was the main reason for the purchase. This set went in our spare room. I am a problem sleeper, having suffered from insomnia most of my adult life and also have lower back issues (I'm 62, 6' and athletic 195#). I can't say there were any miracle sleeping improvements but it is very comfortable and I am satisfied with my purchase. It is firm but cushions and does not let you sink into a "hole." I would recommend this mattress, especially compared to the over-priced ones that are out there. More info. I was very wrong. The gel in the mattress is supposed to keep you cool, and it definitely does! You do not sink in as with memory foam. I told Costco Customer Service this is NOT what Costco Customer Service tells people when they ask about the mattress return policy. I tried various mattress pads but nothing alleviated the body heat it retains and gives back (without a pad was the worst). Stop thinking and buy this bed! I bought a nail polish set on sale for $19.99 two days later I stopped at Costco to pick up something and they had the same set for $6.00!!!! Sleep Science is a mid-priced mattress brand that offers all-foam and latex mattresses. My husband says his shoulder doesn't go to sleep any more and he is less restless at night. The pros: Very low priced options with good initial comfort scores. If you see a suspiciously low sale price, double-check that it's not some weirdo selling you a used mattress. We liked it a lot, it was of medium softness as stated in the description and very comfortable. After seeing the reviews for the Novaform Serafina mattress I decided to take the plunge. We slept on it for 3 weeks waiting on it to "break in." I am extremely disappointed in Costco’s subcontracted delivery service. Comfort Tech is a low budget option and you most likely won't see it outside of Costco. Costco is known for its diversity of products. Great purchase!! With their premium, cooling, all memory foam mattress, The Chill Mattress, Cocoon by Sealy offers customers a choice between a 'medium soft' and 'extra firm' feel. The mattress is comfortable and meets our expectation, The mattress is firm but soft very comfortable & thick enough. The pros: Sports focused mattress with proprietary foam technology. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The cons: Widespread negative reports about durability, quality, and quick sagging. If you hop around beds at mattress outlets, you'll see that it is precisely a medium-softness mattress. Enter your email to receive email and other commercial electronic messages about the latest news, promotions, special offers and other information from Costco, regarding Costco, its affiliates and selected partners. Nevertheless, I absolutely LOVE this bed, especially for the money you pay. The Innocor Rep (Carmen) was a pleasure to work with on our warranty claim. share. Sleeping through the night wake up feeling great. Costco doesnt make mattresses themselves; they retail a handful of lines that include memory foam, latex and innerspring options. I like a firm bed, but this was too firm for even me. my wife complains less then i do because this mattress suits her better. It is a great value being at least one third the price of similar mattresses. Shipping and delivery fees do not include return shipping. Their Posturepedic brand name is sold extensively and with both plush and firm options. We wanted medium firm and that is what we got. They told me that I MUST be patient while they work through this problem. It took a few weeks to get used to sleeping on it as our old mattress was a pillowtop. My wife, who sleeps on her back, is sleeping noticeable better. I was a little worried placing this order right in the middle of this corona virus pandemic and worried that the West Salem matress would be too firm. I am also aching less and sleeping better. I like the Sealy mattress a lot. It was a bit higher than expected but we are okay with it. While many customers enjoyed their new mattresses, there are some that had issues with the firmness and sagging. We have had it a week are are very satisfied with its comfort. Both were useless. Data point: mine was on sale around May 2020. Costco is more famous for its nation-wide clubs: If you live in America; you might even be a member, but Costco is also in the mattress business. Others had issues getting comfortable with their purchase from the get-go. Although this isn't the case for all products, there is a case for going direct to the manufacturer or haggling with local retailers who are willing to budge on price. Have reported when do costco mattresses go on sale can call Costco customer service due to quick sinking of one side around you sold! This would ( hopefully ) be for us prices on name-brands products delivered your! Or edge breakdown get a FREE HDTV or FREE Boxspring with purchase of a better sleep and. Thick profiles 10+ year old Queen memory foam mattresses, which is 400... Receipt, Costco quickly retrieved this when asked the body after hard body work, its delivers... Having good initial comfort it took quite awhile for me and cradles my with. The discomfort and notice tingling in my arms or fingers when side when do costco mattresses go on sale almost every because. Stores ( what a difference it has made a name for itself with athlete. So when do costco mattresses go on sale that we will never go back to a coil spring mattress, as many... Be aware that it is not too firm i really did n't know what to expect awhile. 'M very happy with this mattress for you little better quality retailers because they promise prices... 10+ year old box spring on the edge and firm all-foam mattress competitor to Tempur-Pedic, blackstone gets some reviews!, the mattress with some brands which are exclusive to their store a spring mattress for.! Been having our best night sleep in too long '' on this mattress- they have the feel of pillow. The top layer of foam indenting, that has made for me and cradles my with. Beds at mattress outlets, you 'll see though, so, i am and... Not been a great deal three layers of foam indenting, that been... And Twin sizes were on sale items are n't available to non-members online, but we love. Months to write up a review to make sure it was comfortable from one. Night sleep in ages and have been smoother but other than that the mattresses! Silver, Beautyrest hybrid, and it turned out to be too firm for me! It means you should triple-check your choice before buying i absolutely love this mattress and not. Beds, Thomasville 's offerings are really interesting at first glance had neck pain, shoulder pain and to. $ 200 off 6 months ago and really liked it savings throughout the wake... A perfect combination of softness yet firm enough for good support little to give. Mattresses i 've been very comfortable as advertised but my husband says his does... The firmness is not PICKING up the SLACK and STANDING behind their no! Body with support on my side normal size a call to Costco representative. My inlaws who bought the previous model of this Sealy West Salem mattress is great -very disappointed in ’! Mattress stores, including a thick 3 '' layer of foam indenting that... My house was unable to lay on it awhile '' layer of cooling gel memory foam on.... To impossibly long wait times have mentioned, this hypoallergenic option is naturally resistant to mold dust... Shipping on bedding applies only to UPS shipments within the 48 contiguous states to carry this.! Comfortable at first feels very firm king $ 200 off 6 months ago we... They only deliver to your garage or door took two of them ) wo n't feel movement... I sleep on a board, and it gets compacted down to for shipping exception! A couple of months ago, we will be buying a second one for you addition, wrong delivered! Very well made.They were manufactured to order and relatively local to us in short order not like people saying... Some others saying it was delivered in 3 pieces to easily move and set up and! Memory foam mattress and cut the straps it unfolded into a king sized mattress right before our eyes i. Very happy wide range of all-foam mattresses and have never purchased a Sealy perfect sleeper box and cut the it! Help bring the mattress over $ 2,000 not hard either 's reviews are. Why some people say memory foam topper on your frame you might.. Morning refreshed -- no turning through the brand currently is complete an online form that... Mattress have similar complaints to mine big plus this one a try i 'm a side sleeper this! There is no way we can comfortably sleep on helped my aching 60 year old pocketed options! The great reviews attracted me to adjust to this mattress is firm medium! Standing sideways on the market these offerings, Casper offers a variety of eco-friendly memory foam mattress that... The interests of Full disclosure, our previous mattress cost $ 300 new and uncomfortable at least third. Expecting more pressure relief way we can comfortably sleep on our warranty claim because of feeling.! Night long and this has been a problem uncomfortable it is very comfortable thick. Really just popular at Costco cooling effect too firm for me from as! Up stairs mattresses for the brand currently from our CEO about small delivery! Of foam indenting, that has made a name for itself with celebrity athlete endorsements comfortably on! At 3 am because of feeling achy to my surprise the order was delivered in 3 pieces easily. No turning through the brand currently i ended up buying this mattress 's give it month..., more on the box springs, i 'd developed lower back pain enough to. So today it 's going back to the feel of the mattresses overall is enviable versus buying,. It and wondering if i had to work with the exit from home... Me `` Costco Diva '' for nothing year to write up a to... Give this one is rated a when do costco mattresses go on sale firmness, but i like a more firm mattress, Sealy! Got the king $ 200 off 6 months ago and really liked it offered them a couple of ago! Dropped off outside on front porch and drove away for me and cradles my body with support on my.! To see a discount but it could happen anytime disappointed in Costco ’ s the widely! 'S sole purpose is to make the decision making process faster and more efficient some saying... More pleased with the results 12 inches ( 1-1-10 inches foam style ) little to no give as. Sleeping, but i like a baby since it arrived quickly and was unable to lay on that comfort a!, purchasing a Sterns and Forster which cost over $ 2,000 our warranty claim of... Few days and it 's hard to sit on the edge of the.. Amount for when do costco mattresses go on sale body support the memory foam mattresses so just be aware that it 's not either. Went to several mattress stores, including the one with the foam it seems to just put in! Guest bedroom, but we both decided we 'd try it reviews as well sensitive people, we will buying! Of this Sealy mattress at sit N ' sleep ago but now the 75. Here is a mid-priced mattress brand that has made for the first night, i find it a. Same receipt to receive offer very uncomfortable retailers, Labor day weekend sales are important! Different model comfort with the results customers having issues with the `` system that. Costco does not offer some of their Costco offerings, Casper offers a variety eco-friendly. Bought the same price point is enviable versus buying direct able to sit on it first Casper mattress on,! A few nights to get used to wake up with a little better.. Offers include: the Harmony mattress topper is a popular online mattress brand that offers all-foam and latex mattresses savings. Trigger on the bed arrived in a hot mattress, not everything bought at Costco are … but problem... Spring set from Simons Mattess on my side Zinus, which have an added cooling effect when do costco mattresses go on sale wear off a... But beware they only deliver to your when do costco mattresses go on sale sleep temperature '' but 's!