Publications & graduate research

A researcher inspecting cassava in vitro culture plantlets at the Genetic Resources Unit. Photo by Jeffrey Oliver.
A researcher inspecting cassava in vitro culture plantlets at the Genetic Resources Unit. Photo by Jeffrey Oliver.


In 2009, we produced 299 publications, which comprised of 181 journal articles, 17 books, 5 in-books, 20 conference proceedings, 12 technical reports, and 64 other publications. A total of 118 of the journal articles appeared in peer-reviewed journals that are listed in Thomson Scientific/ISI. The complete listing and details of these publications can be found in our online bibliography.

Graduate research

Individual training

This year, 99 new trainees (29% female, 71% male) registered for our various programs; 92 came from sub-Saharan countries, while the rest were from countries outside of Africa.

A total of 118 students (46% female, 54% male) had ongoing research training, with 31% conducting studies for their PhD’s, 32% working towards their MSc’s (or equivalent), 13% working towards their BSc’s, and 20% for other academic certificates and diplomas. The rest are staff of national research institutions that came for short-term training or to work alongside our scientists. One hundred and seven students came from 20 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, while 11 came from 7 countries in Europe, Central America, North America, and Asia.

Group training

Distribution of academic trainees 2009.
Distribution of research trainees, 2009.

We delivered over 195 group training courses in more than 300 locations in 13 countries across sub-Saharan Africa. Over 21,701 individuals (27% female, 73% male) participated in these courses. More than 50 of these activities were Training-of-Trainers involving NGOs, government extension, and farmer cooperative partners. These focused on crop management practices including IPM, agronomic management, and macro-propagation techniques.

Our other training activities covered extension, field/lab research skills, pest risk assessments, pest/pathogen diagnostics, collective marketing, agronomic practices, processing and utilization, statistical computing, vegetative propagation, lab safety, agribusiness, managing cooperatives, and participatory variety selection.

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