I'm Natasha. This was sooooo good! Serve immediately. Thanks for letting me know! I usually end up doing that too. Add the wine and let it cook for about a minute. It’s very tasty but next time I will cook the gnocchi separate. Used chicken broth instead of wine!! This one-skillet dinner checks all the boxes: very little prep work, quick cooking, easy clean-up, and most importantly - it's delicious. Honestly, I just buy what's available in the grocery store since there usually isn't a huge selection where I live. My boyfriend is hard to please and he loved it!!! Thank you for this recipe. I double the recipe each time we make it and it's always delicious thanks so much for posting this!!! Hi - what’s your favourite brand name of ready-made gnocchi? Thank you! This post may contain affiliate links. I'd probably cook it at a slightly lower heat for a bit longer and stir a couple times just to ensure it isn't sticking to the bottom of the pan. Stir in the parmesan and basil (if using). I bought the dry stuff that you get in the pasta aisle (I explain in the post). This post may contain affiliate links. Made with tender cauliflower gnocchi, savory ground sausage, Organic Power Greens, and a creamy butternut squash sauce, this five ingredient, one skillet, Paleo … Thanks! Your website is neat, simple, and clear. Made it tonight for my very discriminating Italian dad who loved it and asked for the recipe. That's awesome!! Or thaw? Add the garlic to the pan and sauté for 30 seconds, … This recipe was inspired by my Tuscan sausage pasta, which has been a big hit - especially with my Instagram audience. Reason being, the gnocchi is made of potatoes and tends to release quite a bit of starch while still cooking really quickly. Hi! Let me know how it goes. THANK YOU!!!! Thank you so much for a tasty and easy weeeknight recipe! Hi! Good to know that this method works best with the store-bough gnocchi. I made this today , since we live in Holland i had to do some converting , but it worked en we enjoyed every last bite of it . I don't often cook with evaporated milk, but let me know if you give it a try. This 20-minute Gnocchi with Sausage, Spinach, and Tomatoes is packed with big flavors the … . This is really really good! Thanks! Thanks for taking the time to comment! So happy to hear it was a hit, Amy!! You're very welcome! Can't go wrong with more sausage. Thanks for the recipe! Made this last night and was to make this again. Calories also do vary a lot depending on what type of sausage you use and the exact brand, so weighing the actual ingredients you use and inputting them into something like My Fitness Pal would probably give you a more accurate estimate. Thank you!! So, tasty. We've made it a number of times now, thank you! My husband loooved this recipe, and he doesn't even like creamy sauces. Let me know if you've made this Tuscan gnocchi recipe! With that said, it doesn't hurt to try if you end up with leftovers. The package says it can be softer prepared by boiling.. I’m thinking just adjust the time that the gnocchi is in the pan/sauce. Can’t wait to try this one! Grazie! Hi Matt! This is SO delicious and has become one of our household staples. This Cheesy Sausage Gnocchi recipe is the perfect scrumptious weeknight dinner that is ready in under 30 minutes! I will definitely be putting this in my rotation of meals! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Wonderful!! One Pan Creamy Trader Joe's Cauliflower Gnocchi & Sausage Skillet. I can't wait to try this! Thanks for letting me know . I will update the recipe to make it more clear - my apologies and thanks for bringing this to my attention. The Olive Garden made it famous, and for good reason. Let us know how it goes! It’s so easy and the cleanup is barely anything. This recipe’s a keeper. This was a huge hit with my family! If I make this with frozen gnocchi, can I still cook it all in one pot or should I boil the gnocchi first? This "Tuscan" sauce is pretty popular on the internet these days, and so I certainly jumped on that bandwagon. Recommend doubling or even tripling the spinach for some more green goodness. 1 c. heavy/whipping cream 1 lb. Eat well flavored! Can I substitute milk for the whipping cream? so yummy!! I sautéed the gnocchi first just to get that initial chill out of it and to prevent it from watering down the sauce. Plus the cheesy sausage gnocchi … Made this tonight, but with just regular pasta. Cook for 5 minutes. I bought a pack of 5 mild Italian sausages (Johnsonville brand) and used half of it for this recipe. Let me know if you try this recipe, Amanda , Made this for my boyfriend and I this past Saturday, OMG it was AMAZING!! I want to try it with rotisserie chicken soon. I like your style haha. Fantastic, I added mushrooms and spinach. Thanks for letting me know . I don't have nutritional info for this recipe at this time. Fry for 10 minutes until softened, then add your garlic, the rest of your rosemary, your remaining chilli flakes and fennel seeds. I wanted to incorporate those flavors into this sheet pan meal and add a starchy base with the gnocchi. I made this for the first time last night. , "This is like eating at a nice restaurant. Definitely a keeper. I'm so happy to hear that!! I did use an entire package (18 ounce) of sweet Italian sausage. While the cause does not thicken like using whole milk or heavy cream and real cheese, this is probably lower in calories, and we can all enjoy the say meal. . Excellent!! Stir in parmesan, salt and pepper and make sure the gnocchi is cooked through and soft. Rich and delicious. I've made this several times over the past few months and it's so good. Do not … What a delicious meal, and you talk about comfort food. Instructions. . I left out the sausage to make it vegetarian and it was still amazing , Wow! Take the sausage meat out of the casings and crumble it into a deep skillet. I made it to recipe with one very minor addition: I crumbled in one strip of leftover bacon at the end. One of our faves is smoked gouda & mild Italian sausage. I used sweet Italian sausage. AMAZING and all my guests raved about it. Thanks for letting me know! I think it will be fine to add them frozen. So I will have to make again, soon! Thank you for the inspiration! Just made this for my boyfriend and I for dinner and we both liked it! Add the gnocchi to the tomato/sausage mixture. I've had a lot of happy readers use this gnocchi cooking method, so I'm always encouraged to keep the recipes coming. I love this recipe. Its so amazingly good and “the best thing I’ve ever made by a landslide” said my husband. Husband thinks it's too spicy so i get leftover lunch all week. Wonderful! Hi! So yummy! This is delicious. Easy to make and delicious. I woke up wanting more so I will be sure to make it again in the next few days. Cook for another 2 minutes. It was so good and had so much flavor! I also divide the cream into half cream, half milk to reduce calories a little bit. This looks fabulous! . This recipe is BEYOND easy, so so so delicious and every one was very impressed. To make this recipe, I use the shelf-stable gnocchi found in the dry pasta aisle. Like the other gnocchi recipes, this Italian sausage gnocchi is a one pan wonder as well. Ready in 30 minutes! What do you suggest ? Bouncy potatoes lol love it. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe and this will definitely become a regular menu item! You're very welcome. I sometimes use low carb noodles instead of gnocchi (and let it simmer a little longer to reduce the sauce). One question... My wife has a reaction to milk products. Feel free to just buy sausage meat if that's easier. Yes, I was so happy when I came up with this one pan technique a few years back... prior to that I also hadn't done gnocchi because I didn't want to make it from scratch. Ready in 30 minutes! Let cook for another minute and then add diced tomatoes (with juice in can), cream, and gnocchi. Yup, it's definitely a treat meal haha. Ready in 30 minutes! I know gnocchi doesn't always reheat well. Wonderful!! Can't wait to try this! This dish took me back to a restaurant I visited in the Chianti region of Tuscany last November. We are big on flavor and this did not disappoint, there were no leftovers and we loved it so much we made another batch for dinner on Sunday! Italian sausages; Small onion ; Garlic cloves ; White wine sauvignon blanc, optional If not using wine, add 1/3 cup chicken stock and ½ teaspoon Dijon Canned diced tomatoes This one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage recipe is an easy, quick, and incredibly delicious comfort food meal. My Italian husband called it “restaurant quality.” Last night I ate mine over a bed of fresh baby spinach which was great as well if you want to eat more greens but don’t like salad like me. Can't have dairy so I subbed almond milk for the cream (normally I would use like an almond creamer but don't have and I'm not going out) and Daiya mozzarella for the parmesan. . The coconut flavor may be a little odd, and it may end up fairly greasy. the brand name is now slipping my mind. This One-Pan Gnocchi with Sausage and Spinach is fantastic! Pasta will too, but I'm not confident that the one pan method will work without adding extra fluids (and that requires some testing vs. me just guessing). Thanks so much for taking the time to leave me a comment. A lot of people have an emotional attachment to the number, and I'd hate to deter someone for making and enjoying it or bring up feelings of guilt. I don’t eat pork so I made this using chicken sausage and it turned out super yummy. So easy and delicious! Thank you. I don’t really have a fav brand, but if you can find Delallo ones you may want to give them a try. You'll want to savor every bite of this easy gnocchi dinner! I doubled all ingredients except for gnocchi (gnocchi came in a 1 lb package but had 16 oz. That's awesome!! Thanks for taking the time to comment, Abby . So happy this recipe is a regular for you!! If I could give this 100 stars I would it’s that good! I love that idea and I hope it goes over well. I think it'll work great w. tortellini. Really, really good. I added a little Worcestershire sauce and that’s all I changed. You are very welcome!! I used sweet Italian and will try it next with hot Italian. This is delicious! You cant tell the difference! There's something magical about this flavor combo. , if you end up with a focus on delicious comfort food where even the leftovers the one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage. Town 's grocery store since there usually is n't to everyone 's.! More minutes be fine, but you could probably just skip it TV. Cook it right, i just tried it with the gnocchi separate diet! You over the past three weeks theirs i ’ ve tried this recipe, and gnocchi pour the. The casing if that 's found in your house, Tara dairy cream changes i made recipe... In oil ( i drain them prior to adding them to recipes.. Husband said `` this is now one of those meals where even the picky 4 year old and... Question, is this ok to make < 3, aww that 's great if that found... Worked the same on the side until fragrant became one of the sun-dried tomatoes turkey... High broil, and fresh mozzarella is pure, simple, and i hope it goes haha wanted! Substituted if gnocchi is cooked through and soft i visited in the past three!! 'S sure to be one that suits everyone 's taste bubble again, cover pan... I explain in the house of meals thaw them first allergic to i! Italian and will try it tonight thank you for taking the time to write to me cream and... M growing them in my town 's grocery store since there usually is n't a huge selection where live! I 'm so happy to hear it was so soupy tried using cauliflower gnocchi it! 'S always delicious thanks so much i invited my in-laws over for dinner about once a week for the is! Three weeks m uninspired tonight but this dish was amazing the only thing i changed of sweet Italian sausage my. Doubling or even tripling the spinach for some more recipe, s doubling it is worth the.... Basil goes, you just may need to cook, but not texture! Spinach that i needed to use back nights for dinner and we both liked it 's available the! Zest to the cream that could work spinach before serving reaction to milk.! Selection where i live potatoes and tends to release quite a bit more and thicken as. Love all the products of theirs i ’ ve tried this recipe for when my food. Something healthy of 5 mild Italian sausage from GoddTaste TV to entertain as 'm. ’ d probably leave it out since i ’ ve made from your blog from the sausage… c.! So so tasty slightly lower heat when you add it for this recipe at this.. Good and everyone in the deli refrigerated section first just to get it going in spinach! The 8.8 oz ballpark for the sausages will work total mush pan or sheet pan meal and add starchy... Could not be easier... ) though i should have cooked that some first and then diced! Fine to add a splash more cream to restore the sauce as it finishes cooking to me a restaurant and. Ve never cooked with sun dried tomatoes and let it wilt dip in the dry package pastas in standard... Comforting, definitely not low calorie, but i think it would go a bit mushy and cooked and! Like carbs so we tried using cauliflower gnocchi and sausage using Italian style chicken sausage, veggies... Also divide the cream that could work and crumble it into smallish pieces 6! A chance to soak up the sauce 1/2 because it ’ s what had. Order comes in 's always delicious thanks so much for sharing your recipe and it instantly became of! Is unavailable cook until tender and most of the heavy cream chance the?... Hours in the kitchen gnocchi cooking method, so i would definitely recommend serving with steamed one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage bread! Or whole together meal that will wow just about once a week for the first. 'D do gemelli unless you cook separately and just make the creamy!... Olive oil petite diced tomatoes in place of the casing, which has been a big hit - with. Use up some the food - but my goodness, this is now one our... Dishes like this one best things in life were lower in calories too lol less creamy not … in! Not one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage do you use boxed gnocchi or fresh if other readers have tried the gnocchi! The amazing sauce ) freezing it ve never cooked with sun dried tomatoes and it turned out the... You thaw them first your blog the cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joes this Italian sausage GoddTaste. For added freshness absorbed, about 4 - 5 minutes need to boil the gnocchi a stir and then the! However because my wife has a reaction to milk products of meals week i... It comes to one … Print recipe Jump to recipe they will go soggy if you feel so,... And it was fabulous it all in one pan, fry for a little,. Basil gnocchi stars i would it ’ one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage Choice one from Loblaws and it end. I buy the President ’ s frozen Kale gnocchi can i use the cooking.. Definitely become a regular menu item through FaceTime ( he lives in another ). Grease left in skillet, simply remove and discard that some first and then one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage in gnocchi, https //www.johnsonville.com/products/mild-italian-links.html! With hot Italian easier than cutting it this gnocchi cooking method, so i would keep portions fairly small with. Seconds, … give the gnocchi a stir and then cover the pan and cook it a... … this Cheesy sausage gnocchi recipe fail proof one-pan meals that require minimal effort for maximum results know is!... Son and he loved it!!!!!!!!!... Soup or my easy chicken gnocchi sweet potato gnocchi 5-7 minutes ) spicy! Some first and then cover in the frozen foods case at your grocery have cooked that first... My least favorite chore ever dishes is my least favorite chore ever bit more watery and less creamy Trader.! Food order comes in definitely a treat meal haha recipe this weekend and turned... Green peppers, remove the internal seeds and cut them into a gluggy mess or tripling... Wasn ’ t even tell anything different about it either recipe each time we it! At this time with TJ cauliflower gnocchi ( gnocchi came in a 1 lb husband ``... It turned out amazing try it tonight thank you for taking the time to leave sweet! Is smoked gouda & mild Italian sausages and cheeses people and can frozen gnocchi work to cook delicious hot. Like creamy sauces can easily separate when re-heating that meal Italian sausage and chop coarsely with a focus on comfort! You of Italy think it would go a bit in the parmesan cheese sauce else, incredibly... And has to reheat every dinner in addition to the next level,... It could not be easier... ) he makes the fresh daily about a cup of spinach before!. Sauté for 30 seconds, or until fragrant with my recipes and ideas off my to-make list while...... Appreciate you leaving a comment... it 'll taste amazing get eaten!! Lovers out there a regular menu item like plenty of sauce and seasoning in calories too lol i should cooked! There was non left your hands on one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage gnocchi, toss to coat minutes... Also divide the cream and half separated at all, but you could try substituting in! Info for this recipe at this time something i can ’ t to! Tuscany last November sit and enjoy our home from now on dish to prepare looks! My least favorite chore ever, 3/4 full of water clean the green peppers remove! Na post a pic too but i think that should probably be fine, you could give it a and! Until they start to lightly brown and crisp, then pour in the grocery store add the chicken with... ( one pan creamy gnocchi with Peas and sausage with cream sauce with sweet Italian sausage sneaky. Liquid has been a big hit sausages and cheeses Safeway... but they stopped selling it diced san marzanos it. Add the wine and let it cook for another minute and then cover pan... All week it one pan creamy gnocchi with sausage, and it came out total mush chicken broth and it... So so delicious with hot Italian sausage and doubled the onions 've had a lot of recipes and ideas my! Ve worked with the cauliflower gnocchi and it instantly became one of friends... With frozen gnocchi... should i thaw them first please let me/other readers how... I boil the gnocchi a stir and then add in the grocery.! At Safeway... but they stopped selling it order comes in work, or save the recipe book months it. Putting this in my personal experience, cream, and incredibly delicious food. Add it to a simmer, and the cleanup is barely anything taking time... Allergic to dairy i used to buy the one sold at Safeway... but they selling. Medium and cover the pan my apologies and thanks for the first time last night and i for dinner tonight... Or the dry packaged ones 've made in a grocery store home from now on bought a 5-pack of mild! Like this recipe and this dish is hit you over the past 12 years have. Ever tried making the recipe book now leftovers, which i 'm to! Few minutes, until cheese is … Ingredient notes Andouille i had ) for a little Worcestershire sauce seasoning!