They are the smallest of the meat goat breeds. Nigerian Dwarf Bucklings* If you are interested in a Buckling please reserve before 8 weeks. Kids Available for Sale Not looking for a Buck? Their smaller size yet good milk production is perfect for our small farm. +B GCH, Sire: FIELDS OF GRACE SNOWBALL D1644487P CH04-04 88 VVV DNA. African Pygmy goats are recognized as having a shorter, squatty more compact body build. If you’ve been looking for that arguably perfect addition to your household or farm that will not only provide companionship and a lifetime of enjoyment, but also offers the added benefits of keeping your lawn manicured, and raw, organic milk that is an outstanding and preferable alternative to cow’s milk. Wethers make great pets and companion animals. Goats are herd animals and as such, None at this time - check back in August 2020. Casanova Black and White Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf BuckHerd Sire, Casanova Black and White Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf BuckHerd Sire, ChipChocolate and White Blue EyedNigerian Dwarf Jr BuckFuture Junior Herd Sire, OreoBlack and White Blue EyedNigerian Dwarf Doe, Cookie DoughTri-Colored Black, Gold & WhiteBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, JoannaChocolate and WhiteBrown Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, AbigailTri-Colored Black, Cream&WhiteBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, JennieChocolate and WhiteBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, ScarlettTri-Colored Black, Gold & WhiteBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, WillowTri-colored Black, Gold & Whitewith MoonspotsBlue EyedNigerian Dwarf Doe, JasmineTri-colored Black, Gold & Whitewith MoonspotsBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, BettyChocolate and WhiteBrown Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, LucyBlack and TanBlue EyedNigerian Dwarf Doe, Junebug Tri-colored Black, Gold & White Blue Eyed Polled Nigerian Dwarf Doe, Gabby Tri-colored Black, Gold & White Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, RosieBlack and WhiteBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, PenelopeBlack and WhiteBlue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe, RomeoGrey Agouti African Pygmy BuckHerd Sire, WindyBlack with Partial Belly BandAfrican Pygmy Doe. NIGERIAN GOATS ... show and provide quality Nigerian Dwarf goats. Ten Mile, TN 37880 (423) 506-3977. Sinai Thunder Mac's Regor *B *S. DOB: 04/13/2020. We are located in Lowell, Ohio 45744. We consider it top priority to give our goats ample attention and affection. Our naming theme for the babies this year was “Booze Names”, so there were a number of cute names for the kids (and a few specially named by their new families). We are accepting reservations on kids. Same applies to Nigerian Dwarf and Pymgy goats ... We are not offering stud service on our property at this time, however we may offer pregnant does for sale. Bucks. Fields of Grace is a small ranch in east Tennessee, where I raise quality registered Nigerian Dwarf goats. Nigerian Dwarf Goat Breeder in Snohomish 716-945-3937 or text us at 716-307-1496. 2. The average height is 16 inches and the average weight is approximately 35 pounds. We also offer Nigerian Dwarf goat kids for sale each spring and fall. Nigerian Dwarf goats are a miniature dairy breed of West African ancesstry. We are breeding our dues for kids born in August 2020. Sire: Sinai Thunder EX Macabees *B *S (Sinai Thunder O Exodus *B *S x SGCH Woodbridge Farm Peridot 3*M *D AR EEEE91, AGS & ADGA Top 10 Milker, 6.9# Milk Test High, 1480#, 113# BF (305 Day) Dam: SG/Elite Sinai Thunder AG Comet 2*M 2*DAR, 89VG+, AGS Top 10 Milker, 2016-18 ANDDA JuJu GOLD, 6.2# Milk Test High, … I often have show, pet and milking quality goats and horses available for sale. We specialize in raising quality registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats with fine conformation, great milk production, and friendly dispositions. We raise Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale. Cedar View Quellotta's 2020 kids - buck available. Does. All babies will be ready for new homes some time around October. They are excellent milk producers and can produce up to two quarts a day. They are the smallest of the milking goats breeds. We want our goats placed in good, loving homes with people who are familiar with raising farm animals. Little RedHouse is a small family run farm raising friendly quality Nigerian Dwarf goats in Snohomish, WA for pets, milk and show. Because on this page you'll find a complete, current list of Nigerian Dwarf goat breeders in Kentucky. We have a small herd of registered (ADGA) Nigerian Dwarf Goats. 0. 100% Nigerian Dwarf semen straws available. Buckling - Sale Pending. After 8 weeks all bucks will be wethered (neutered) and will sell for $150. We reserve the right to choose who we will sell our animals to. We sell Nigerian Dwarf goats with ADGA papers and a few without. Nigerian Dwarf Goats are the gifts that keep on giving…In a multitude of ways. It was just the next weekend we jumped in with both feet to the show circuit and did well. Paradise Valley Farm specializes in small, colorful goats that are quality milks and very friendly. Keeping a small herd, we focus on quality rather than quantity, with an emphasis on breeding for temperament, correct conformation, hardiness, and the … Our herd is regularly tested and have negative results for CAE, Johne’s, and CL as well as up-to-date on CDT and Rabies. For more information, please contact us by e-mail or phone. The most common cost is around $330 on American for the flight, paid up front before I take them to the airport. Our Nigerian Dwarf Goats are gentle, affectionate and love to play. Grace Hill Farm is a small home-style farm located in Eastern Central PA focusing on Nigerian Dwarf Goats. Miniature Silky Fainting Goats, Nigerian Dwarf, Mini-Nubian, and Mini-Lamancha Goats for Sale. We reserve the right to choose who we will sell our animals to. Home; The Lovely Ladies; For Sale; The Fellas; Contact; Gallery; All you need is love. Doe kids will be available for $350, and little bucks will be $200. Contact us today! Wethered males make wonderful pets! They can always be seen bouncing around the yard chasing each other or playing king of the hill on top of their rock pile. Since 2014 our favorite breed of dairy goat is the Nigerian Dwarf Goat. If you would like to reserve a kid, I will require a small, but non-refundable deposit, which would be applied to the amount of your kid. CAE, CL, Johnes, Qfever, Brucellosis Tested Clear Herd. If you are wanting a bottle baby please let us know as soon as possible so we can try to teach the kid the skill. These does average 55-75 lbs and16-22 inches, and the bucks usually have a weight range of 60-85 lbs and a height of 16-23 inches. Wethers. We also have a list of Nigerian Dwarf goat resources in Kentucky (state associations, extension programs, and more) that can help your Nigerian Dwarf […] Boar goats are esteemed when you discuss about the meat goals for sale near me. We strive to produce hardy, healthy dairy goats while bettering the Nigerian Dwarf breed. Goats are very social herd animals and do need companions. This is our growing herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats - all are registered with ADGA. 1528 Ten Mile Road, Ten Mile, TN 37880 ... Back to Goats for Sale. These goats are small in stature, easy to raise, and have a very gentle disposition. And goats, you definitely need goats. Goats Travel very well and we have never had a goat get lost or die and we have shipped from Alaska to Hawaii and almost everywhere in between. 1. Call us. SECOND EDEN FARM. Our Herd. blue sky farm goats. For Sale. Goats for Sale. Our champion bloodlines provide you with quality animals that we take great pride in placing with families. Junie B. 0. Both breeds are known for having an outgoing, affectionate, friendly, sociable and playful nature. Our miniature goats, although raised primarily as companion pets, can also be used as very productive family milkers. 0. Most of our goats come from great bloodlines. Most of our baby Nigerian Dwarf Goats go to their new homes at weaning age (8 weeks) however, a few can go earlier as bottle babies at our discretion. Bucks. Goats are herd animals and as such must be with other Nigerian Dwarf Goats for Sale Near Me: Tips for Buying Your First Nigerian Dwarf Goat(s) source. It is important for the health of our does and their babies to primarily dam raise our kids; however, we also prefer to introduce minimal bottle supplementation in order to encourage and nurture trust and love between the kids and their humans. Mountain Momma Farms is located in Clendenin, West Virginia. We want our goats placed in good, loving homes with people who are familiar with raising farm animals. Does. Happy Trails Goat Farm in Calimesa, California sells Registered Pygmy and Nigerian Dwarf Goats for show quality, 4-H members and family pets. Kids. Our 2020 goat kids are all sold out! More. Nigerian Dwarf goats are best known for their small frame, beautiful variety of colors and markings and their frequent blue eyes. Most of our goats come from great bloodlines. It can be easy to confuse the Nigerian with the Pygmy because of the similarities of size and origin, but the similarities stop there. Our goats are well cared for and usually spoiled! Their adult height is about 17-19 inches for does and 19-21 inches for bucks. They come in … We raise registered Nigerian Dwarf goats for show,breeding and loving pets. We raise Toy Aussies and Nigerian Dwarf Goats as a part of our family in SW Missouri (Highlandville, MO). Nigerian Dwarf Goats are originally from West Africa and have become very popular as family pets, hobby farm milking goats, and show goats. Located in Greenville,TX (northeast Texas area) We have a small, closed herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats located in northern Illinois. Nigerian Dwarf Goats for sale. Welcome to Night Heron Farm, located in Ridgefield, Washington, where we raise purebred, ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats. Though this breed is more costly to rear, this kind has an extraordinary growth rate and the meat standard is amazing. Who doesn’t like miniature animals? The idea of having an animal that looks like a baby for its entire life is very tempting for … The Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goat originated in West Central Africa. Our herd has tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne's. Cedar View Nigerian Dwarf Goats and Livestock Guardian Dogs. Learn About Miniature Nigerian Dwarf Goats. This makes them a good choice for 4-H, pets, showing, companionship, or a family milker. Boar goats are known to have South Africa origin but is now being raised in various parts of the planet, particularly Australia which is now reputed to be the biggest exporters of Boar goats. We breed registered ADGA Nigerian Dwarf goats, run a small apiary, and grow & harvest lavender. Although both Nigerian Dwarfs and African Pygmies are both of West African origin, they are two separate and distinct breeds. As a member of the ADGA DHIR program, our goal is breed confirmation, milking bloodlines, and show quality goats. We have become quite well known for our flashy kids with blue eyes. All wethers are $125, and come dehorned, vaccinated and are castrated before they go home. 1528 Ten Mile Road. Nigerian Dwarf and African Pygmy Goats. They are the smallest of the milking goats breeds. Nigerian Dwarf goats are best known for their small frame, beautiful variety of colors and markings and their frequent blue eyes. Rustic Charm Farm is a family owned and operated farm in Jackson, Kentucky. Our first goal with our small herd breeding program is to continue to promote these same desirable personality traits. Service from our 100% Nigerian Dwarf Buck is $220 and terms & conditions apply. Nigerian Dwarf Yoga Goats Main Menu. If you're looking for Nigerian Dwarf goats for sale in Kentucky, you've come to the right place! Woody Glen Farm is a small homestead farm located in Asheville NC. Dream. SG Cedar View Unna's 2020 kids - buck available. If you need a companion for your wether, or would like a pair of them we offer a pair at $225. Their adult height is about 17-19 inches for does and 19-21 inches for bucks. For Sale/Sales Policy Udderly TopNotch Nigerian Goat Farm. We sell Nigerian Dwarf goats with ADGA papers and a few without. Your answer is most likely, “only insane people”. Nigerian dwarf goats, goats Home. Farms is a Nigerian Dwarf goat breeder in Monroe, GA that hosts memorable birthday parties and offers fun and educational summer camps. Our herd is a closed herd and all goats were purchased from disease free herds. We are always available for education and support when you purchase from our Farm. We have dispersed of our miniature cattle and roan pony programs. Does. We are conveniently 45 minutes from Salem, Oregon and 1hr from Portland, Oregon. The Nigerian Dwarf Goat measures under 22 inches tall at the withers. FOR SALE PAGE “Look life straight in the eyes and show it your best dance moves. Scirocco - disbudded, moon spots, gold eyes, Sire’s sire: LITTLE TOTS ESTATE PAUL BUNYAN D1543867 *B 05-01 90 EVE, Dam's SS: ROSASHARN WT B-BO D1427994 ++*B, ​Dam's DS: KACO YELLOW ROSE CAPTAIN S D1466692. The does usually top out at 40-60 lbs while the bucks typically average 55-75 lbs. Our breeding focus is to produce show quality animals that are great milkers too! Bellafire Farm ADGA Registered Nigerian Dwarf Dairy Goats ~ WELCOME TO BELLAFIRE FARM ~ Bellafire Farm is a small little farm now located on 6 acres in Yamhill County, Oregon. While we breed for milk production and conformation in accordance with the Nigerian Dwarf breed standard, we cannot guarantee the kid's future milk production, height, or breeding soundness. We also do a bit of poultry breeding as well as provide hatching services.
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